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3D Archery Competition

The 3D archery display and competition by CJ Winks archery is open to anyone who would like to compete. Participants will need to bring their own bows and arrows for the competition.The 3D archery competition is going to be a national competition. The shooting classes will be Traditional, Youth, Female, Men’s Hunter, and Men’s Open. The Youth and Female classes will be shoot what you bring. Day one and Day two will be qualifying rounds. Archers can shoot as many rounds as you want, but must pay for each round. The top five scores from each class will participate in a shoot off on Sunday. Each class must have ten shooters to qualify for a shoot off. You must start your round no later than one hour before the show closes. Cost per round: Youth class under 16-$15. All other classes are $20, but ESAA members will only pay $10. There will be a NASP 3D shoot for the kids. We will have more details on that soon, and how to sign up ahead of time.

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